Digital products do not generally lay their operation open to the eye in the same way that mechanical products can. This can make it almost impossible for the untrained amateur to understand how a device works, what may be wrong with it and how one should go about maintaining it. The proliferation of screen based interfaces should lead to the opportunity for products to ‘tell us what is wrong’ with them, but this can be problematic when screens freeze or software crashes.

These Digital Scopes are based on commonly recognised medical instruments that are used in diagnosis, but also for the ‘check-up’. These devices plug into the various ports of digital products and offer the user both diagnostic information and advice on maintenance procedures that would help improve the performance of the device.

diagnostic scopes

This concept aims to demystify the product and empower users to take ownership of the maintenance of their digital devices. Responding to the finding that there is often a need (or perceived need) for specialist knowledge to enable effective maintenance, these scopes reflect the necessity for products to provide a clear indication to users that maintenance is necessary.

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