Mattress Recycling Service

A product and service combination that aims to remove some of the barriers faced by the general public when wishing to dispose of end of life mattresses in a socially responsible manner. If successful, the service would offer an easy buy-in service for local authorities to subsidise, help to reduce fly-tipping and encourage greater recycling of valuable materials.

This project formed part of a study into Socially Responsible Design.MA Project1 Task2 Report G Young12

A single use, recyclable, mattress bag that protects the product whilst it is outside the home waiting to be collected. It then provides protection on route to the recycling facility, preventing contamination. The bag can be purchased in-store or online and would be sold by major high street distributors such as supermarkets or DIY chains.

The purchase price covers the cost of the bag, a profit for the store and a contribution towards the cost of collection of the mattress. The actual cost of collection would be part subsidised and partly recovered from the sale of the resulting recycled materials. The bag is single use as this is the simplest method of ensuring hygienic use and removing the chances of contamination from previous use. Some mattresses are reused by charities if they are in good enough condition.

Prominent branding on the outside of the bag and on the side of the collection vehicle helps to advertise the service, thus educating the public. The branding also reassures the local community that the mattress is going to be collected in the near future and has not been dumped illegally.

MA Project1 Task2 Report G Young10